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Empowering your students with HealthCompass: an innovative solution for young adults to engage in their health and wellness
A revolutionary student-focused health and wellness application. Our solution empowers colleges and universities to design tailored solutions for students, allowing them to focus on being students while promoting their overall well-being and success

With our dedicated support, HealthCompass enhances student health and wellness, offering the opportunity to collaborate and  prioritize the well-being of your students. Together, we can create a campus environment where students can flourish and reach their full potential

Next-generation capabilities for comprehensive health insights.

Empowering, self-service product and growth analytics to assist in converting, engaging, and retaining more users. Trusted by educational institutions, including colleges, K-12 schools, and universities

Personals for Multiple Positions/Roles

dmins are able to access a diverse set of personas and profiles included in College campuses including, student engagement, health centers, residence life, IT, marketing, etc., allowing access to customized experiences based on job requirements

Student Engagement

Fosters community engagement among university students by offering interactive features, such as health challenges, event calendars, and interest groups, polls, content, and discussion forums, facilitating connections and collaboration, building a vibrant and supportive campus community centered around health and wellness

Device Integration

Ability to integrate with devices such as Apple, Android, and more

Daily Activity and Health Goals, Planning and Improvement

Empowers individuals through personalized planning and goal setting, tailored to their unique needs and preferences, fostering sustainable lifestyle changes and long-term well-being

Telehealth and Mental Health Support

Providing individuals with convenient access to licensed therapists and counselors for mental health consultations and therapy sessions from the comfort of their homes or school-designated rooms


Incorporates gamification elements to make health and wellness management engaging and motivating, turning goal achievement into an enjoyable and rewarding experience for users
Transforming student health, engagement and awareness

Student Engagement Focus

HealthCompass is more than just an app;  it’s a comprehensive platform where students can seamlessly manage their schedule, health, campus news, and engagement. Offering tailored content, challenges, gamification, and a personalized telemedicine solution, HealthCompass provides access to a wide range of services, including urgent care, urgent care RX, behavioral health services, prescription refills, and much more. It's the ultimate tool for students to navigate and optimize their college experience

Tailored for students by students and university officials, HealthCompass actively integrates feedback from focus groups. Collaborate with HealthCompass to enhance your student engagement initiatives through our adaptable mobile solution

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